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The V-730BIO is one optimized for spectroscopic analysis in life sciences. A variety of measurements and powerful analysis are possible with the UV-Visible spectrophotometer body, which has excellent performance in a compact housing, and the V-730BIO dedicated module iRM, which is equipped with various programs for life science. In addition to the high-performance spectrophotometer body, various accessories suitable for measuring trace samples are available, enabling comfortable and highly accurate measurements.


Built-in programs frequently used in the bio field

It is equipped with measurement and analysis programs that are indispensable in the biotechnology field, such as protein / nucleic acid quantification, DNA melting, and kinetics.

Comfortable operation with the dedicated module iRM

The dedicated control module iRM (Intelligent Remote Module) is used to operate the V-730BIO. Since it does not require a PC, it does not take up installation space.

Various accessories ideal for measuring trace samples

The standard cell holder is compatible with microcells. We have many accessories for measuring small amounts of samples.

Comfortable operation with the dedicated module iRM

iRM (Intelligent Remote Module) is a small module equipped with a touch panel type color liquid crystal display. Since it does not require a PC, it saves space and provides a comfortable operating environment. The iRM for V-73BIO is equipped with various programs for life science. A USB memory is used to save the data, making it easy to move the data to a PC.


Excellent performance in a compact housing

Despite its compact housing, it has excellent performance with a spectral bandwidth of 1 nm and stray light in the ultraviolet region (220 nm) of only 0.02%. The start button is mounted on the main body, and you can start measurement immediately by setting a sample and pressing the start button.

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