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NUVOM-2a is a device that measures the concentration of lubricating oil during the refrigerant cycle in real time. While global warming countermeasures are receiving a great deal of attention, efforts are being made to reduce the environmental burden of air conditioning systems to the utmost limit. In particular, car air conditioners are designed so that oil does not circulate, and it is required to measure the oil circulation rate, which is a fraction of what it used to be, more accurately. NUVOM-2a is ready for new era refrigeration cycle testing.

Features of UV oil circulation rate meter NUVOM-2a

On-site real-time automatic measurement is possible using a double beam flow cell

JASCO's patented flow cell enables long-term stable measurements.

Correction considering temperature and pressure

Since temperature and pressure are also measured at the same time, more accurate data can be obtained by correcting the concentration based on those data.


The operability has been dramatically improved by incorporating an operation interface in the main unit and adopting a color graphic LCD.

Can measure for a long time

It is also possible to track changes in the concentration of oil in the refrigerant over a long period of time.

Wavelength selectivity

Since the wavelength can be selected, it is possible to handle new combinations of refrigerants and oils.

Flow cell

The flow cell is equipped with a sensor for temperature measurement and a sensor for pressure measurement, and can measure the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant.


On-site real-time automatic measurement is possible using a double beam flow cell

Monochromatic UV light is introduced through an optical fiber, and the concentration of lubricating oil contained in the refrigerant flowing through the flow cell is measured by UV absorption.

By flowing the sample through the reference side optical path system, it is designed to maintain a stable zero position against deterioration of the light source and dirt on the cell.

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