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MV-3000 series

Portable spectrophotometer

The portable spectrophotometer MV - 3000 series can measure the spectrum every 5 msec at the shortest. By measuring the spectrum at high speed, it is possible to shorten the time required for product inspection by monitoring production line etc. and mapping measurement. It uses a structure that does not have a diffraction grating driving function and an optical fiber, so it is compact, has good handling, and can be widely used for on-site measurement and other applications.

Features of Portable Spectrophotometer MV-3000 Series

Up to 1000 spectra can be measured continuously

It is possible to measure the spectrum continuously, and you can capture substance changes in a small amount of time with spectral change.

Synchronize with external trigger

By synchronizing with the external signal, you can measure the spectrum at the intended timing.

Start Button

In addition to starting measurement from software, measurement can also be started by the start button mounted on the main unit. It is convenient for routine measurement.

Small size and portability

If it is difficult to bring the sample into the laboratory, you can take the MV - 3000 to the site and measure it.

High durability

Since there is no complicated mechanism such as drive mechanism of the diffraction grating and filter driving, the risk of failure is low.

Spectrum can be measured with a minimum of 5 msec

You can shorten the time to wait for wavelength scanning. In addition, the mapping spectrum measurement time can be greatly shortened.


Portable Spectrophotometer Lineup

The portable spectrophotometer MV - 3000 series consists of a spectrophotometer body and a light source unit. Please select in the measurement wavelength range.

Portable spectrophotometer body


Wavelength range: 200 to 800 nm


Wavelength range: 350 to 950 nm


Wavelength range: 900 to 1600 nm

MV-3150 (1)


Light source unit

  • It is a light source unit of the MV - 3000 series, it can communicate with the MV - 3000 main unit and operate in conjunction with measurement.
  • Shutter on / off function is carried. You can check the lighting time of the lamp, and it will be displayed even when the lamp is burned out.
  • Various optical filters can be inserted as options.
  • It can be carried by docking with the MV - 3000 main body as an option.


Wavelength range: 350 to 1600 nm

Light source: Halogen light source


Wavelength range: 200 to 350 nm

Light source: D 2 light source


Wavelength range: 200 to 1600 nm

Light source: D 2 + halogen light source

* LUS-36x corresponds to optical fiber of SMA connector.
* LUS - 37x corresponds to φ10 mm sleeve.


Hardware features

Small size and portability

Because it is compact and excellent in portability, it is difficult to bring the sample into the laboratory, so you can take the MV - 3000 series to the site and measure it.

Optionally it can be carried by docking the MV - 3000 main body and light source unit, which is convenient for on - site measurement.

Portable spectrophotometer and light source unit

Figure 1 MV - 3150 + LUS - 373

High durability

The MV - 3000 series uses a multi - channel spectrophotometer. Since it does not require complicated drive such as mirror switching of the light source and rotation mechanism of the diffraction grating, the risk of failure is low and the number of maintenance is reduced.

Also, if a problem occurs, an error is displayed on the PC, and the error lamp attached to the main unit lights up. Even if you are using it as a monitor of the production line, you can immediately grasp the problem at the work site.

Error lamp

Figure 2 Error lamp

Spectrum measurement at high speed

Up to 1,000 spectra can be continuously measured with a measurement interval of 5 msec. Since high-speed change of sample can be monitored, it can be used for measurement of reaction rate and measurement of moving samples.

In addition, since it can be measured at high speed, measurement time for measurement that is generally time consuming such as mapping spectrum measurement can be drastically shortened.


Pseudo double beam mechanism

When monitoring a long line, you can increase the stability by incorporating a pseudo double beam mechanism into the accessory.

Reference correction is performed between measurement and measurement using the optical path switching mirror (included in the accessory). Since the stability of the spectrophotometer is influenced by the ambient temperature, this mechanism is indispensable for a long time measurement such as crossing the date.

Pseudo double beam mechanism in transmission measurement

Fig. 3 Pseudo double beam mechanism in transmission measurement


Fulfilling measurement and analysis program

Standard program

In addition to the usual spectrum measurement program, there are an interval measurement program that measures the spectrum at regular time intervals, and a high-speed measurement program that performs measurement at high speed. The analysis program is also substantial.


Option program

Various option programs are available in lineup.

Color evaluation

An emission color measurement program for finding the color of the light source and the issuing body such as a display emitting spontaneous emission, a color diagnostic program for calculating color of various color specification systems as defined by the CIE (International Commission on Illumination), and the like.

Multivariate analysis

CLS (Classical Least Squares) quantification program, PCR (Principal Components Regression) quantification program which can perform quantitative analysis of unknown sample and simultaneous quantification using a calibration curve model, using statistical method multivariate analysis, PLS (Partial Least Squares) quantification program and so on.

Material · Property evaluation

Multilayer film measurement program suitable for multilayer film measurement, film thickness measurement program which can obtain film thickness, etc. are available.

Quantitative measurement

There is a spectrum quantification program which can quantify using the spectral data of the sample.

Measurement example

On-site measurement

Because it is compact and excellent in portability, it can take measurements of the MV - 3000 series in the field. It can be used for nondestructive testing of food and cultural properties.

On-site measurement

Fig. 1 In situ measurement

Luminous measurement

It corresponds to emission color measurement. It can be used for lamp evaluation measurement (light distribution type, total luminous flux type) etc.

Luminous measurement

Fig. 2 Luminescence measurement

Production line monitor

It is a compact housing, has high durability, and has a pseudo double beam function. It can be used as a monitor for production lines and film deposition equipment by film thickness measurement, reflectance / transmittance measurement, turbidity measurement.

Monitoring the production line

Figure 3 Monitoring of production line

High speed measurement

It corresponds to mapping measurement and reaction speed measurement. Combined with stopped flow and automatic stage, high speed spectrum measurement system can be constructed.

High speed measurement

Fig. 4 High-speed measurement


Extensive special accessories

Special accessories for the MV - 3000 series are available.

I will introduce representative special accessories here. Please contact us for detailed information on accessories and other accessories.


Measuring unit

Transmission measurement unit

It is a unit aimed at measuring the transmission spectrum of a sample. Attachment can be replaced according to sample shape.

Measurement wavelength range 200 to 1600 nm
attachment Angular cell holder, film holder, flow cell holder
Angular cell holder 10, 5, 2, 1 nm
Flow cell 10, 5, 2, 1 nm
Dimming unit Dimmable measurement light

Pseudo double beam measurement unit

The unit has a pseudo double beam mechanism for transmission measurement.

Measurement wavelength range 200 to 1600 nm

Reflection measurement unit

It is a unit aimed at measuring the relative reflection spectrum of the sample. There are parallel light type which can be measured at an incident angle of 0 °, condensing light type which focuses measurement light with a lens, 1 mm focusing type which narrowed the irradiation diameter to 1 mm and increased spatial resolution.

Parallel light type
Measurement wavelength range 200 to 1600 nm
Angle of incidence 0 °
Collected light type
Measurement wavelength range 300 to 1600 nm
Angle of incidence About 9 °
1 mm condensing type
Measurement wavelength range 200 to 1600 nm
Angle of incidence 15 °


Luminescence measuring probe

The emission spectrum of the sample can be measured. Limit the area taken in by the probe tip mask.

Measurement wavelength range 350 to 1600 nm

Immersion transmission measuring probe

The transmittance of the liquid sample can be measured.

Measurement wavelength range Three types of 200 to 1100 nm, 230 to 1100 nm, 400 to 1600 nm
Probe tip type Two types of fixed type of optical path length and changeable optical path length type

Integrating sphere

Handy integrating sphere

Reflectance including diffuse reflection of solid sample can be measured. Since it is a handy type, it is possible to perform measurement regardless of the size of the sample.

Measurement wavelength range Two types of 230 to 1100 nm, 400 to 1600 nm
Angle of incidence About 10 °
Reference sample Standard white board



Model name
MV-3100 MV-3150 MV-3200 MV-3250 MV-3300 MV-3350
Optical system Czerny-Turner multichannel spectrometer
Wavelength range 200 to 800 nm 350 to 950 nm 900 to 1600 nm
Detector Silicon photodiode linear array InGaAs 
linear image sensor 
(Peltier cooling type)
Number of channels 512 ch 256 ch
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.5 nm ± 2 nm
Spectral bandwidth 5 nm 10 nm
Optical fiber mounting port SMA 905 φ 10 mm 
sleeve B
SMA 905 φ 10 mm 
sleeve B
SMA 905 φ 10 mm 
sleeve B
light source Required separately
Communication specification USB 2.0
* Please prepare a separate PC.


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