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RMP-510 Portable Raman Spectrometer


The RMP-510 portable Raman micro-spectrometer has been developed to meet the needs of Material Science, Manufacturing and Biochemistry offering a portable, high quality optical bench which can be fully customized for use with fiber-optic probes or an optional microscope with spatial resolution down to 20 µm.


Although the RMP-510 is described as a portable Raman spectrometer, this is largely due to its robust optical design and tolerance to being transported. In fact the optical performance is close to that of a conventional bench top Raman system and offers many of the same features like interchangeable grating monochromators for a range of spectral resolutions.

Spectra Manager Software simplifies data collection and analysis. Sadtler KnowItAll ™ software is included for library searching and sample database creation.

Installation and training are included.

System Features

Quality & Portability

The RMP-510 is designed to provide laboratory quality data in a portable system. A small, portable, high-resolution Raman instrument.


Validation software is included with the system.

Fiber Optic Interface

Fiber Optic interface allows for remote and reaction monitoring.

Microscopic Evaluation

Manual stage with camera for microscopic evaluation.

Spectra Manager II Cross-Platform Software

Spectra Manager II software operation included.


Monochromator Monocromator/Spectrograph Czerny-Turner type monochromator/f=200 mm
Wavelength Control High accuracy rotary encoder Direct Drive
Wavelength Range(Raman Shift) 100 - 8000 cm-1
Resolution (cm-1/pixel) 2.0 (standard)
Grating (standard) 900 gr/mm
Optional gratings 2400, 1800, 1200, 600, 400, 300, 150 gr/mm (automated selection)
Number of gratings Maximum 4 gratings on automated carousel
Detector Element 1650 x 200 (Andor BR246D CCD)
Cooling Method 4-stage Peltier (-60° C)
Light Source Laser wavelength 532 nm
Laser power 20 mW
Attenuator Manual: OPEN, OD4, OD1, OD0.3, CLOSED
Fiber Probe Image magnification Long Distance Objective: 20X (Option: 50X, 100X)
Beam Diameter 20 µm (20X objective)
Fiber Single core, 1 m (Option: 3 m, 5 m, 10 m)
Sample observation CCD video camera
Observation magnification 250X (with 15 inch monitor, 20X objective, resoluton 1024 x 768)
Probe Stage XYZ manual stage X, Y +/- 4 mm, Z +/- 1.5 mm
Stage size 50 mm diameter
Laser safety Class 1; interlock system
Software Operating System Windows 7 Professional (32-bit only)
Standard software functions Spectrum Measurement/analysis, Jasco Canvas, Validation
Database Search function Sadtler Know-It-All search (Spectrum search, structure search, User database, 600 compound standard database, AnalyzeIt (spectral interpretation)
Optional program Interval Measurement Analysis

500 (W) x 360 (D) x 290 (H), 30 kg



Measure large or physically constrained samples

The RMP-510 can be used for non-destructivemeasurement of large and immobile samples with extremely high accuracy and resolution, for example: artworks, contamination in auto engines, reaction monitoring in vessels, etc.     


RMP-510 Portable Raman Spectrometer                                                                                

RMP-510 Portable Raman Spectrometer - Artwork

Combined simultaneous IR/Raman microscope system

By combining both IR and Raman measurement into one system it is possible to make simultaneous measurements without moving the sample; this is particularly useful for samples that require significant preparation or take time to mount on the sample stage (for example, when using a diamond anvil cell etc.). The Raman laser light is routed through the FTIR microscope objective to make the simultaneous measurement. Spectral data can be combined in Spectra Manager II for 2D correlation analysis.   RMP-510 Portable Raman Spectrometer System


Optional sample compartment for a heating or cooling stage

To maintain samples under optimal conditions, we offer optional customized sample compartments to meet your specific requirements (for example, heating/cooling stage, nitrogen gas purge case etc.)

RMP-510 Portable Raman Spectrometer - Heating and Cooling


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