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MSV-5000 Series Microspectrophotometer


The MSV-5500 / 5700/5800 is a spectrophotometric photometer capable of measuring spectral transmittance and spectral reflectance at a minimum of 10 µmΦ. The use of a Cassegrain mirror realizes chromatic aberration-free measurement over a wide wavelength range, and the double-beam optical system provides excellent photometric stability. In addition, it can be used for a wide range of applications, such as the standard installation of a polarization measurement function, accessories such as an automatic stage and an integrating sphere unit, and a sharing holder that enables sharing of measurement position information with infrared microscopes and Raman microscopes. Is possible.

Three models with different wavelength regions are available.

  • MSV-5500: Standard model for UV-visible range
  • MSV-5700: Longest wavelength range compatible model in the series
  • MSV-5800: High-sensitivity measurement model in the near-infrared region

Transmission / reflection measurement in the ultraviolet-visible near-infrared region is possible with a minimum of 10 µmΦ

It can be applied to a wide range of fields such as evaluation of industrial products such as semiconductor devices and optical elements and research and development of functional materials.


Observation image


Reflectance spectrum of natural oxide film of Si

Basic performance comparable to high-performance spectrophotometers

A pre-spectroscopy method is used in which the light separated by a monochromator is collected and incident on the sample. Spectroscopic measurements with high linearity and wavelength accuracy are possible even in minute areas.

High linearity

By adopting the pre-spectroscopic method, a highly linear calibration curve can be obtained, and quantitative discussion is possible even with microspectroscopy. In addition, the dark correction function enables accurate measurement of samples with strong absorption. Absorption of 526 nm of potassium permanganate aqueous solution gave a highly linear calibration curve up to about 4 Abs.


Absorption spectrum and calibration curve of potassium permanganate aqueous solution

High wavelength resolution and wavelength accuracy

A Zellny Turner-mounted monochromator is used to obtain highly accurate data for samples with large changes in absorbance in a narrow wavelength region such as optical filters, and for measuring sharp peaks. The absorption spectrum of a gas with continuous sharp peaks can also be measured with high resolution with a spectral bandwidth of 0.1 nm.


Absorption spectrum of benzene gas

Excellent photometric stability due to double beam optics

By monitoring the reference light during measurement, fluctuations in the metered value can be kept low. Stable measurement is possible even for long-term measurement such as spectrum mapping measurement.


Time variation of photometric values ​​at 200 nm

Large sample room that is easy to operate

Samples can be set smoothly in the large and easy-to-see sample room. In addition, it is equipped with a sliding light-shielding door, allowing measurement without being affected by external light.


Observation function that supports accurate measurement point setting

You can check clear observation images on the monitor of your PC through the high-resolution camera built into the microscope. In addition, since the measurement light can be observed in combination with the ATOS mechanism unique to JASCO, accurate measurement position data can be obtained.

Observation of measurement position by ATOS mechanism

By forming an optical image of the photometric aperture on the sample image (ATOS light: Aperture Through Optical System), it is possible to clearly see which part of the sample is being measured. You can surely aim at the measurement point by checking it together with the image of the incident light.


Polarization observation

I observed a stack of resin tapes. Although it is a colorless and transparent tape, the difference in polarization state is clearly shown as a color by observing the polarization.


Normal observation


Polarization observation

4-hole electric revolver

You can attach up to four Cassegrain objectives or objective lenses. By adding a Cassegrain mirror or lens with a different magnification, you can observe at different magnifications and accurately determine the measurement point.


Analysis program that visualizes the desired information

Measurement data of 1-point, multi-point, and mapping measurement modes can be analyzed. In addition to data processing functions such as peak detection and peak height calculation, color calculation and film thickness calculation are included as standard. The analysis result of the mapping measurement data using the automatic stage can be displayed as a color 3D diagram, 3D diagram, contour diagram, color-coded diagram, etc. with a simple operation, and can be analyzed and saved as a single spectrum.


Microscopic spectrum analysis program


The measurement spectrum and observation image are displayed, and peak detection and peak height are calculated.

Film thickness calculation


This is a program that calculates the film thickness from the interference waves derived from the sample.

Multilayer membrane analysis program


More advanced analysis such as film thickness analysis of multilayer films and calculation of wavelength dispersion of optical constants (n, K) can be performed.

Color diagnostic analysis program


Color calculation results can be plotted on various chromaticity diagrams, and pass / fail judgments can be made.

MSV-5500 / 5700/5800

Model name
MSV-5500 MSV-5700 MSV-5800

Spectrometer section


Zellny Turner Mount Single Monochromator Double Beam Method


light source


30 W Deuterium Lamp, 20 W Halogen Lamp
Option: 150 W Xe Light Source (Air Cooled)


Measurement wavelength range


200-900 nm


200-2700 nm


200-1600 nm




Photomultiplier tube


Photomultiplier tube,
cooling type PbS photoconducting element


Photomultiplier tube,
cooled InGaAs photodiode


Measurement method


Transmission measurement / reflection measurement




High resolution built-in CMOS camera (3 million pixels), with optical zoom, built-in ATOS mechanism, LED lighting


Objective mirror


Cassegrain objective mirror Electric 4-hole revolver switching 10x, 16x, 32x selection


Condensing mirror


Cassegrain condensing mirror Manual replacement method 10x, 16x, 32x selection, with condensing mirror position automatic adjustment function


Sample stage


Manual stage, automatic XYZ stage (optional), joystick (optional)




JASCO Spectrum Manager


Supported OS


Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)


Standard program


Microscopic spectrum measurement, microscopic fixed wavelength measurement, microscopic time change measurement, validation, spectrum analysis, microscopic imaging analysis, Jasco Canvas (printing tool)


Automatic XYZ stage control (when installed)



Stage movement, area mapping, line measurement, multipoint measurement, fixed wavelength mapping measurement, autofocus, multi-image acquisition


Dimensions / weight

740 (W) x 745 (D) x 630 (H) mm Approx. 111 kg

Power requirement


AC100 V 50/60 Hz 340 VA

Transmission measurement of Volvox by using MSV-5000 series

Thickness Analysis of natural oxide film on microscopic Si pattern


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