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FLV-1000 Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectrofluorometer


The JASCO FLV-1000 VUV Spectrofluorometer can be used for the development and characterization of new PDP phosphors or the inspection and control of PDP manufacturing processes.


System Description

The plasma display panel (PDP) is expected to dominate the flat panel display market due to an improved viewing angle, faster update speeds, and a crisper picture quality. Gas discharge excitation of RGB photoluminescent phosphors is used by the plasma display panels to produce the displayed picture. However, there is still a need for improvement in display performance; the high power requirements and relatively high cost of manufacture restricting the viability of the PDP compared to other display alternatives.

System Features

  • Zero dispersion double monochromator for low stray light and high-throughput
  • Dual-beam optical system using sodium salicylate as a reference monitor for excellent repeatability
  • Stand-alone system includes a nitrogen purge system
  • Automated cell changer for up to three samples
  • Filter program for optimum fluorescence wavelengths
  • Optional transmittance mode measurements

FLV-1000 Specifications

Spectral Range 130 to 300 nm
Resolution 3 nm
Repeatability 1%
Data Point Resolution 0.1 to 2nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.5 nm
Wavelength Repeatability ±0.1 nm


System Diagram


Excellent repeatability (Sodium Salicylate)


Results demonstrate relative intensity compared to Sodium Salicylate at 100.

Note: Samples supplied by Professor Toda of Niigata Univ.; Faculty of Engineering



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