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RFT-8X FT-Raman Spectrometer

FT Raman is used for fast, non-destructive analysis of many sample types. It is used together with the FT/IR-8X FTIR spectrometer.


RFT-8X FT-Raman Spectrometer

The FT-Raman add on to the FT/IR-8X spectrometer offers the choice of performing analysis using infrared absorption or Raman spectroscopy in the same instrument. As the Raman measurement is made using an external accessory, switching between measurements is extremely simple. The RFT-8X can be used for both macro- and microscopic sample measurements.

A 1064nm near-infrared excitation laser can be used with higher power without sample photo degradation. Fourier Transform spectroscopy coupled with multiple spectral accumulation compensates for low sensitivity inherent to weak Raman signals. Gold coated optics in the FT/IR-8X further enhances the sensitivity of the RFT-8X.

System Features

  • 1W 1064 DPSS laser (2 and 3W as options)
  • Laser safety interlock system
  • IR and Raman spectra can be measured using the same hardware
  • Easy switching from macro- to micro- mode (optional)
  • Optional sample mapping for micro mode
  • Horizontal sample stage for simple sampling
  • Temperature controlled sample stages (option)
  • Different observation modes (option)

System Overview

1. Excellent wavenumber precision and scan accumulations

2. Measurement of both IR and Raman spectra

3. Vertical sample chamber for easy sample placement

4. Sample chamber adaptable to both micro- and macro- measurement

5. Observation of measurement position using a camera (optional)

6. Spectra Manger Suite Windows software

7.  Raman spectral library

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RFT-8X FT Raman

FT-Raman spectroscopy is a useful add-on to IR spectroscopy


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