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FT-Raman Series RFT-6000

The JASCO Model RFT-6000 FT-Raman accessory is designed for quick, non-destructive FT-Raman analysis of virtually any sample when used in conjunction with the JASCO Model FT/IR-6300 spectrometer.


System Description

Unlike dispersive Raman spectroscopy where spectra are normally measured using an excitation wavelength in the visible range; FT-Raman spectroscopy virtually eliminates fluorescence from the sample itself or sample impurities. FT-Raman spectroscopy also eliminates the tedious sample preparation sometimes required by FT-IR techniques. Eliminating these barriers drastically expands the potential for FT-Raman analysis to a wide variety of applications.

The near-infrared excitation of the RFT-6000 offers higher powered lasers to be used without photo degradation of the sample. The ability to co-add successive sample scans for the Fourier Transform technique compensates for the loss of sensitivity inherent to the weak Raman signals. The gold coated optical surfaces of the FT/IR-6300 enhance the sensitivity of the RFT-6000 allowing analysis of a wide variety of sample types and meeting the needs of a greater number of scientists.


System Features

  • Air cooled laser source
  • Laser interlock system
  • IR and Raman spectra can be measured utilizing the same hardware
  • Easy switching to and from Micro mode (optional)
  • Optional mapping facility for Micro mode
  • Horizontal sample stage for simple sampling

FT-Raman Specifications

Laser (Option) YAG laser: 1,064 nm; 1, 2, or 3 W (air-cooled)
Rejection Filter 150 cm-1 or more (Raman shift value)
50 cm-1 or more (Raman shift value ) (Option)
Detectors InGaAs: ~3,600 cm-1 or more (at R.T.)
~3,000 cm-1 or more (77 K) (LN2-cooled)
Interferometer Beam splitter: Si/CaF2
Sample Stage X-Y-Z stage
Beam Collecting System Lens method: F/0.63
Data Processing Functions Smoothing, Baseline correction, Peak picking, Sensitivity correction, Arithmetic, Derivatives, Subtract, Raman shift, wavenumber conversion, Data truncate, Overlay, IF conversion, J-CAMP format conversion, Text format conversion
Other Standard Equipment Laser plasma line rejection filter, Laser power monitor, Light source for Raman intensity correction (Halogen lamp), Interlock mechanism (Laser safety operation), Raman scattering collecting system (Uses gold-coated mirrors)
Optional Accessories Liquid sample cell / Liquid sample cell holder/ Powder holder, 90 degree scattering measurement system, TV monitor system for sample observation, Microscopic measurement system (Objective lens: X10, X50 including TV monitor system ), Polarization measurement system (1/2 plate, Polarizer), Large X-Y-Z stage, Thermal analysis system, Mapping system, Anti-vibration bench


FT-Raman Series RFT-6000 Dimensions

Note: Excluding Laser power supply


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