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The X-Series of FTIR Spectrometers

The X-Series of FTIR Spectrometers

A Comprehensive Range


The X-Series of FTIR spectrometers provide a complete solution to IR spectroscopy.  Each instrument has unique features and specifications that lead to exceptional performance.

Including a sealed (45 or 28 deg) interferometer with corner-cube mirrors and diode laser (or HeNe) with AccuTrac™ DSP technology.

The X-Series includes the intuitive Spectra Manager™ Suite with integrated search software solution, KnowItAll® Informatics and database JASCO Edition.

X-Series Spectrometers


Compact fixed range mid-FTIR spectrometer with options to extend to the NIR and FIR


Highly configurable research grade FTIR spectrometer


Advanced Research Grade Spectrometer

RFT-8X FT Raman

FT-Raman spectroscopy is a useful add-on to IR spectroscopy

FTIR Spectrometers System Features


The interferometer is manufactured as a solid cast aluminum block and is completely sealed. The FT/IR-4X uses a 45 deg Michelson interferometer, while the 6X and 8X use a 28 degree Michelson interferometer. A near frictionless bearing (without the need for a gas supply) supports the moving-mirror which is driven electromagnetically for accurate vibration-free movement.  Laser tracking of the moving mirror is made using a diode laser in the 4X and 6X and a HeNe laser in the 8X, coupled with Accutrac™ digital signal processing. The standard solid KRS-5 windows prevent hygroscopic damage often seen with KBr or coated windows used on some products.

Corner-Cube Mirrors

Corner cube mirrors automatically correct for any light path deviation, providing excellent optical stability at all times. Eliminating the need for dynamic alignment, which often lag the detrimental effects of tilt in plane mirrors.

Diode Timing laser

The temperature controlled VCSEL diode laser offers high resolution spectroscopy with an exceptionally long lifetime. HeNe lasers are used for the highest resolution 0.07 cm-1 and for applications that require visible wavelengths.

Excellent S/N Ratio

The highly stable interferometer with high-intensity two-stage light source offers optimum signal-to-noise performance starting at 35,000:1 and up to 55,000:1 (under standardized conditions).

High Sensitivity Electrically Cooled DLaTGS Detector

A highly sensitive and stable Peltier cooled DLATGS detector is standard for all instruments.

Additional Detectors

Many optional detectors cover the range from 25,000 to 5 cm-1 and include several LN2 cooled pv/pc MCT detectors for wide, narrow and mid-band. Other detectors includes -silicon photo-diode, InGaAs, Si bolometer, etc.

Wavenumber Extension

The spectral range can be expanded for all models including the FT/IR-4X from the visible to far-IR by switching various optical components, such as source, windows, beam splitter, and detector.

Vibration-Free Optical Bench

A specially designed vibration-proof mounting of the optical bench completely eliminates interference from external vibrations.

Purgeable & Vacuum

All models have fully sealed and desiccated aluminum interferometer chamber. In addition, an integrated purge for the sample compartment (4X) and complete system (6X and 8X) is included as standard.

The FT/IR-6X and 8X can be fitted with several vacuum options, and can be configured for full vacuum or partial with vacuum interferometer and detector compartments and with the sample chamber nitrogen purged.

Rapid Scan

Rapid Scan, is an option on the FT/IR-4X (40Hz) FT/IR-6X, and standard on the FT/IR-8X. Rapid Scan can be used for fast spectral acquisition using interval analysis.

Step Scan

Several Step Scan options are available for the FT/IR-8X; these include microsecond and nanosecond TRS, phase modulation and amplitude modulation.

Regulatory Compliance

For laboratories that operate under the requirement of regulatory compliance,  instrument validation routine  standard for verification of instrument performance compliant with ASTM, EP, and JP procedures. Spectra Manager CFR is compliant to the latest requirements of ALCOA+

Spectra Manager Suite

Spectra Manager 2.5 software allows users to develop predefined methods for their custom sampling and analysis applications, executing them with a single button press. Data Compare is standard for comparing a measured spectrum with a custom spectral library. Wiley  “KnowItAll® Informatics System, JASCO Edition” with a library of 12,000 chemical and polymer spectra is standard (except LE versions) and with 3 month access to the entire spectral library database with 260,000 IR spectra.

Quick Start Button

The Start Button on the instrument allows immediate start of sample measurement with a single push of the button. This is a convenient alternative to keyboard and mouse operation when starting data measurement.

IQ Start

A sequence of operations, including data processing, can be defined in a sequence in the Spectra Manager measurement application, the sequence can started by the press of the Start button for fast and comprehensive measurement.

IQX Accessory Recognition

Automatic recognition of the sampling accessory is made when it is fitted into the sample compartment. It can also be used to automatically load measurement parameters matched to the accessory; this ensures that data is acquired using the correct parameters.

Microscope/IR Imaging

The IRT-1000, 5000, or 7000 infrared microscopes can be easily interfaced to any FT/IR-4X or FT/IR-6X/8X instrument.

Open-Path System

It is a system that can measure greenhouse gases and pollutants present in the atmosphere in actual fields or city streets. 
Open-Path is used to measure greenhouse gases and pollutants present in the atmosphere. Open-Path emits light from the light source from the telescope, and the light reflected by the corner cube type reflecting mirror set at a horizontal distance and set ahead several hundred meters is collected again by the telescope and detected by a detector Measure the gas concentration. 


Submillimeter wave exclusive Fourier transform spectrophotometer

A technology gap exists in the region of 100 GHz to 10 THz (the region called the terahertz region, submillimeter wave region or far infrared region), electromagnetic wave technology in this region is attracting attention and development.
FARIS-1 is a hybrid Fourier spectrophotometer of Michelson type with high efficiency on high wavenumber side and high efficiency Martin · puppet type at low wave number side. Wide range measurement from infrared to far infrared and millimeter wave range is possible by simply changing the optical element and changing the detector. Step scan specifications and polarization modulation specifications are also available, so you can build a system customized for research use.

X-Series Spectrometers


Compact fixed range mid-FTIR spectrometer with options to extend to the NIR and FIR


Highly configurable research grade FTIR spectrometer


Advanced Research Grade Spectrometer

RFT-8X FT Raman

FT-Raman spectroscopy is a useful add-on to IR spectroscopy


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