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FP-8600 NIR Spectrofluorometer

For extended wavelength operation into the near infrared. 


The FP-8600 NIR spectrofluorometer uses a ‘red’ sensitive PMT to obtain data from the UV to the NIR regions. The excitation wavelength range of 200 to 850 and up to 1010 nm for fluorescence emission allows measurements of materials which have fluorescence in the NIR region. The small instrument design incorporates high-speed Ex ad Em scanning grating monochromators, with adjustable spectral bandwidths and automatic band-pass filters to exclude higher-order diffraction. The FP-8600 is well suited to analysis of carbon nanotubes and biological sample measurements made using NIR fluorescence reagent dyes to avoid auto-fluorescence.

NIR model for evaluation of new materials such as carbon nano-tube, NIR fluorescent dyes, up-conversion fluorescent glasses, etc.

  • Wavelength range Ex: 200 - 850 nm, Em: 200 - 1010 nm
  • Fast spectral scanning (Ex: 60,000 nm/min, Em: 120,000 nm/min)

FP-8600 Accessories

  • For various volumes and shapes of samples
    • FMH-801 3 mm micro cell jacket
    • FMH-802 5 mm micro cell jacket
    • FUV-803 Absorbance measurement cell block
    • FHM-804 High sensitivity cell block
    • FSA-805 30 degrees incident angle cell block for triangular cell
    • FSA-806 30 degrees incident angle cell block for rectangular cell
    • FDA-808 Solid sample holding block
    • FLH-809 Film holding block
    • FPA-810 Powder sample cell block
    • SAF-851 One-drop measurement unit
    • CTS-855 Coumarin measurement unit
    • OBF-832 Optical fiber unit
    • EFA-833 Epi-fluorescence unit
  • For temperature control
    • CTH-807 Water thermostatted cell block
    • STR-812 Water thermostatted cell holder with stirrer
    • FCT-816 Water thermostatted 4-position cell changer
    • FCT-817 Water thermostatted 8-position cell changer
    • EHC-813 Pettier thermostatted single cell holder (air-cooled)
    • ETC-815 Peltier thermostatted single cell holder (water-cooled)
    • PCT-818 Automatic 4-position Peltier cell changer
    • PMU-830 Liquid nitrogen cooling unit
    • CSH-831 Cryostat holder
    • HPC-836 High temperature powder cell unit
  • Auto-sampler and sipper
    • SHP-820 Peristaltic sipper
    • QFS-822 Vacuum sipper
    • FSC-824 Micro flow cell holder
    • FMP-825 Automatic microplate reader
    • ASU-800 Autosampler
    • ASP-849 Syringe pump
  • For quantum yield determination
    • ISF-834 60 mm dia. integrating sphere
    • ILF-835 100 mm dia. integrating sphere
    • ILFC-847 Cooled 100 mm dia. integrating sphere
  • For kinetics and reaction analyses
    • SFS-852/853/854 Stopped flow system
    • ATS-827 Automatic titration unit
    • CSP-829 Sample compartment lid with syringe port
  • Polarizer and depolarizer
    • FDP-837 Automatic polarizer for UV/VIS range
    • FSP-838 Depolarization plate


  • High sensitivity S/N > 2,500 (RMS)
  • Many options include, solid sampling, spectral correction and quantum yield with ambient and LN2 cooled integrating spheres
  • High-speed scanning up to 120,000 nm/min Emission
  • Wavelength range: 200 to 1010 nm Emission (up to 850 nm, Excitation)
  • Validation included

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The FP-8700 enables fluorescence measurement in the near infrared region. By using a near infrared cooling photomultiplier tube for the fluorescence side spectrometer, it is possible to extend the measurement wavelength to 1700 nm or 1400 nm. Ideal for measuring substances that emit fluorescence in the near infrared range, such as rare earth complexes and carbon nanotubes.

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