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FP-8300 Spectrofluorometer

Sophisticated optical system with additional features for biological applications.


The FP-8300 is a user friendly spectrofluorometer with a wide range of accessories that are well suited to biological research. The standard automatic band-pass filters obtain spectra without the artificial peaks due to second order diffracted light. The Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS functions optimize the S/N for samples with large differences in signal intensity and concentration. Temperature control accessories can be used for thermal melting studies, providing researchers with fluorescence and thermodynamic data for conformational and folding studies. FRET measurements offer insight on binding and folding dynamics. The FP-8300’s automatic polarizers can perform fluorescence anisotropy measurements to provide information regarding fluorophore mobility. Kinetic and titration measurements can also be performed with the dedicated stopped-flow and autotitrator systems.


  • High sensitivity S/N > 2,800 (RMS)
  • High resolution of 1.0 nm
  • Wavelength range: 200 to 750 nm (900 nm optional)

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FP-8000 Series Models

Spectrofluorometers and accessories to meet all your needs of measuring for a wide range of applications from biological to advanced materials.

The FP-8200 Spectrofluorometer is the basic, compact model for routine measurements such as spectral scanning and quantitation.

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The FP-8500 spectrofluorometer is exceptionally sensitive with a Raman S/N ratio of 8,500:1 (RMS), which allows for fast measurements of samples with low level fluorescence.

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The FP-8600 with extended wavelength operation into the near infrared.

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The FP-8700 enables fluorescence measurement in the near infrared region. By using a near infrared cooling photomultiplier tube for the fluorescence side spectrometer, it is possible to extend the measurement wavelength to 1700 nm or 1400 nm. Ideal for measuring substances that emit fluorescence in the near infrared range, such as rare earth complexes and carbon nanotubes.

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