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FVS-6000 Vibrational Circular Dichroism


FVS-6000 is a dedicated device optimized for vibration circular polarization dichroism (VCD) measurement in the infrared region for the purpose of molecular structure analysis of chiral molecules. We can obtain optically active information of compounds which are not absorbed in UV / VIS region such as saccharide and information useful for determining the absolute configuration of molecules. Since the circular dichroism (VCD) signal in the infrared region is weaker than that of circular dichroism (ECD) in the UV / VIS region by more than one order of magnitude, it is high for oscillating circular dichroism spectrophotometer Sensitivity and stability are required.

Features of Vibrating Circular Polarized Dichroism Spectrophotometer FVS-6000

Measurement examples


  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to enhance sensitivity
  • Thermally stabilized modulator system to eliminate baseline drift
  • Extra large dewar to allow up to 15 hours of operation without refill
  • Innovative auto-alignment system to eliminate linear anisotropy artifacts rather than correcting for them
  • High intensity ceramic light source for maximum energy and lifetime up to ten years
  • Optional accessory for auto-sampling

The system is capable of measuring conventional IR Absorption along with Vibrational CD and is controlled from the same Spectra Manager II spectroscopy software suite.

JASCO has been the leading manufacturer of CD, VCD and other chiroptical instrumentation since the 1960s. With offices and dealers worldwide we are able to provide the research community with quality products and experienced support for any application.

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