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J-1100 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer


The new JASCO J-1100 is a CD Spectrometer system designed to meet most of the demands for biomolecule analysis in a compact, lower cost package. The simple yet powerful design is perfect as a workhorse for generating consistent CD data for research as well as an effective tool for teaching CD in academic environments.


Wavelength Wavelength


The Dual Polarizing Prism Monochromator covers the entire region required for routine analysis of biomolecules with excellent stray-light rejection for accurate results.

Measure Modes Measurement Modes


The standard measurement modes include CD, LD and Absorbance for protein, peptides, DNA and other biomolecular studies

Simultaneous Multi-Probe(SMP) Simultaneous Multi-Probe (SMP)


The SMP technology delivers a new level of productivity that looks at your sample using several techniques at the same time to extract maximal information in minimal time.

Change Change


CD is easily monitored while altering the temperature of sample for stability studies.

Microsampling Microsampling


You work hard for your samples and sometimes they are very limited. Amazing new accessories for the J-1000 allow you to measure excellent CD data from as little as a 5ul sample.

Validation Validation


Integrated Hg lamp for wavelength calibration and scale calibration material purity validated using NIST certified standards.

N2 N2


Computerized gas flow modeling was utilized to design the flow of the purge gas to optimize the flow efficiency to purge the fastest and most efficiently throughout the optical system without user intervention.



Only a standard USB2 connection is made between the PC and the CD system assuring that future PC changes are easy to make without concern of compatibility specialized boards placed in the PC.



Only JASCO CD systems are manufactured to the internationally recognized standards of the ISO quality program assuring you a product which consistently meets guaranteed specifications and a quality level that is defined and unsurpassed.


Spectra Manager II Spectroscopy Software Suite

The new Jasco J-1000 Series utilizes the Spectra Manager II Spectroscopy Software Suite that is common with all other Jasco spectroscopy instrumentation. Spectra Manager II is a 64 bit program designed for Windows 7 and is a complete suite offering data acquisition, analysis and presentation in Canvas a publication quality printing and display module.

Optimized for multi-user environments Spectra Manager II can be very simple to operate but still offer the flexibility required for complex experiments. Measurement parameters are easy to store and retrieve for frequent measurements and a Macro command module allows automation of complex measurements including analysis and even printing to pre-set templates in the Canvas module.

User customizable toolbars are provided for frequently used functions. Analysis functions designed for CD data include integrated algorithms for Secondary Structure Analysis and conversion of various Optical Constant units. Thermal analysis functions include determination of Tm, enthalpy and entropy and a protein-ligand binding calculation program is available for use with the titration system.

Spectra Manager CFR is available for laboratories falling under the FDA mandate 21CFR11. The interface to the PC is simple a USB port allowing the PC to change easily in the future as new operating systems evolve.

Sample screen shots below:

Software Image 1

Software Image 2

Software Image 3


Model Accessory Name
PTC-514 Peltier Single Cell Holder
JTC-503 Water Thermostatted Cylindrical Cell Holder
HWS-505 Water Thermostatted Rectangular Cell Holder with Stirrer


Compact CD spectrometer for routine measurements



High performance CD spectrometer for versatile measurements



UV/Visibile/NIR up to 2500nm for MCD and specialized applications


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