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From routine systems to more complex, custom-designed solutions, JASCO delivers an impressive range of optical spectroscopy instrumentation. Instruments preferred for their reliability and matchless capability. They are compact in design, robust in operation and range from entry-level models to extremely sensitive research-grade instruments. Explore the full line-up above.

Spectroscopy Software

Spectra Manager™II

A suite of innovative cross-platform software for all JASCO spectroscopy instruments.



Sadtler Libraries have long been considered the most comprehensive search and analysis product in Infra Red Spectroscopy, but KnowItAll is a completely new generation of informatics with many new features.

KnowItAll is much more than a searchable database, it combines many additional features which make working with your results that much more rewarding. Not only can you add to the existing collection of data with your own using MineIt, but you can also draw structures, add your own customisable information and develop feature rich reports to share with colleagues and customers alike!

The KnowItAll is a comprehensive package with functionality which includes:

  • SearchIt™ Import your own data and search reference databases as well as your own custom database
  • AnalyzeIt™ Interpret the bands in infrared spectrum for functional group analysis
  • RefineIt™ Process spectral data such as smoothing, baseline correction, and spectral subtraction
  • DrawIt™ Draw chemical structures include chemical structures with your spectral identification
  • ReportIt™ create standard reports, design papers and presentations
  • MineIt™ Build you own searchable database of materials common to your laboratory
  • Reference database of 10,000 spectra included in this package


Build you own searchable database


Interpret the bands in infrared spectrum for functional group analysis


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