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Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC / SEC) System

The EXTREMA GPC / SEC system enables stable analysis of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) regardless of whether it is water-based (GFC) or non-water-based (GPC). A high-precision liquid feed pump and a differential index detector with high baseline stability provide excellent measurement reproducibility. Various convenient functions that can also be used for GPC / SEC make it possible to streamline work time and solvent usage. You can easily analyze the molecular weight distribution by using the optional molecular weight calculation program.

Hardware that enables high measurement reproducibility

Achieves high peak intensity reproducibility with a differential index detector with high baseline stability

The RI-4030 differential refractometer has high baseline stability and the time to stabilization is significantly shorter than previous models. In addition, by rearranging the piping, one unit can be used in two ways: an analysis scale and a preparative scale up to 120 mL / mi


Achieves high reproducibility of elution position with excellent flow rate reproducibility of the pump

In the pump of high performance liquid chromatography, microbubble cavitation occurs in which the dissolved gas in the liquid generates and disappears bubbles due to the pressure difference in the flow of the liquid. In order to avoid this phenomenon, JASCO's high performance liquid chromatograph pump is equipped with the Advanced SSQD method. This method consists of a delivery head that sucks slowly so as not to generate air bubbles and pushes it out quickly, and a modifier head that works in conjunction with it. Details will be introduced in the video below.


Stable baseline is possible even with Stabilizer-free THF

The Dual Flow system keeps the same mobile phase as the sample cell flowing through the reference cell of the differential index detector, suppressing drift due to aging of the solvent and stabilizing the baseline for long-term measurements. Furthermore, by using a system hood, the influence of changes in outside air temperature can be suppressed and the stability of the system can be improved.

In addition, the autosampler AS-4058 for preparative use, which specializes in preparative scales and can inject up to 10 mL, and the large volume injector LVI-4000, which can inject up to 20 mL, are convenient for repeated preparative sampling of one sample. We have a lineup.


LVI-4000 and AS-4058

Optimal system can be constructed by combining a wide range of modules

By combining a wide variety of pumps and differential refractive index detectors, it is possible to build a system that suits various purposes.
In addition to the general-purpose type PU-4180, we have a lineup of PU-4185 for semi-micro columns for high separation or rapid analysis, and PU-4086 for preparative columns that flow high-flow solvent. For the differential refractive index detector, we have a lineup of RI-4030, which allows you to use the analytical scale and the preparative scale properly by switching the flow path, and RI-4035, which specializes in the semi-micro analytical scale

Graphical and easy-to-operate molecular weight distribution calculation software

ChromNAV GPC / SEC is designed to facilitate a series of tasks, from creating calibration curves to calculating molecular weight distributions. The screen configuration is visually easy to understand by adopting the highlight display of the calculation range and the overlay display of the calibration curve and chromatogram. In addition, both manual calculation of a small number of samples and automatic calculation of processing a large number of samples at once are equipped with easy-to-use and devised operability.

Molecular weight calculation parameter edit screen


From creating a calibration curve, you can specify the calculation range of the sample chromatogram in one window. You can choose between automatic calculation, which automatically detects peaks and performs molecular weight calculation, and manual calculation, which can be operated intuitively.

  • Highlighting of calculation range
  • Apply the calculation result from the editor
  • Multiple sections can be calculated (up to 30 sections)

Curve fitting calculation


It is possible to separate non-separable peaks. Each peak obtained by curve fitting calculation is saved as a chromatogram.

Overlaying and comparing calibration curves


You can compare the molecular weight calibration curves by overwriting. You can compare and check the stability of the GPC / SEC system and the status of columns.

Calibration curve import / export


You can import / export calibration curves. This is useful when you want to use the molecular weight calibration curve in other projects.

Achieve efficient measurement by shortening work time and reducing solvent usage

Solvent saving with columns for rapid and high-performance analysis

Semi-micro GPC / SEC systems are available for rapid and high performance analytical columns. A differential index detector equipped with a pump suitable for low flow rates of 1 mL / min or less and a small-capacity cell realizes faster analysis and reduced solvent consumption. It is also suitable for measurement with HFIP, which is an expensive mobile phase. In the analysis example of nylon 6 using HFIP as the mobile phase, the solvent consumption was reduced to 1/4 compared to the conventional analysis.


Nylon 6 film chromatogram and molecular weight calibration curve
(Application Data: 310013GRE)

Reduced measurement time with stack injection

GPC / SEC chromatograms, for which the time domain in which components elute are known, are analytical conditions that make it easy to apply stack injection analysis. By injecting the next sample during the analysis, the total analysis time is shortened, and the throughput is improved to reduce the solvent consumption. In addition, the simulation function makes it easy to set the appropriate injection interval.

Improved separation and reduction of solvent consumption by recycling

The GPC / SEC recycling system is effective in improving the separation of chromatograms that are poorly separated. By creating a flow path that circulates the mobile phase by switching the valve and allowing the sample to pass through one column multiple times, high separation equivalent to that of a long column is achieved. Since the solvent is not consumed while the mobile phase is circulated, it also saves the amount of solvent used.



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