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Polarizing films are the main material for liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and demand is rapidly increasing as LCD applications expand and become larger. In addition, the quality of LCDs is increasing, and it is necessary to improve the accuracy of optical characteristics and color design evaluation in quality inspection of polarizing films. High-precision polarizing film evaluation can be performed with the V-7000 series with high throughput design, VAP-7070 automatic polarizing film measuring device considering sample handling, and a dedicated program (option) that supports various calculations.

Features of automatic polarizing film measuring device VAP-7070

Compatible with samples in which light is diffused by adopting an integrating sphere

Since an integrating sphere is used for the detection unit, it is possible to measure even a sample in which light is diffused.

The distance from the integrating sphere to the sample can be changed

The distance from the integrating sphere to the sample can be changed in two patterns, far and near.

You can select the method that suits your purpose from two types of evaluation methods

You can select either the evaluation method using a polarizer (option) or the evaluation method using two samples.

Dedicated program (option) that can automatically perform various numerical calculations

Various numerical calculations such as polarization degree and color calculation, and a program that automatically searches for cross Nicols of samples are available as options.

High-throughput design V-7000 series

Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer Since it is used by connecting to the high-end model V-7000, high-precision measurement is possible.

Measurement of dichroic polarizing plate

Polarizers are optical elements that generate linearly polarized light, and are used for various purposes such as polarized sunglasses, polarizing filters, and display units of electronic devices such as liquid crystal displays.

Here, as an example of high-precision measurement of the polarizer, we will introduce the transmittance measurement of a commercially available dichroic polarizing plate. The measurement was performed when the sample position was placed immediately before the integrating sphere and when it was placed away from it. When the sample is placed just before the integrating sphere, the transmittance is observed to be high due to the diffusion component. The measurement time is as fast as 90 seconds or less, but high S / N data with a noise level of 0.0003% or less can be obtained with a transmittance of around 0.001%.


Evaluation of Gran Tailor Prism

Grantailer polarizing prisms are widely used in applications that require extremely high polarization purity and transmittance as optical elements with the highest extinction ratio of 10-6 among many polarizers .

Here, we measured a commercially available Gran Tailor polarizing prism (extinguishing ratio 10-4 ). The measurement was performed when the sample position was set immediately before the integrating sphere and when it was set apart. These results are shown in ①. In addition, as shown in (2), we were able to observe the difference between the sample position near and away from the integrating sphere in the cross Nicol state. This difference can be regarded as a diffuse transmission component, and it can be seen that it is 0.056% T (600 nm) at 600 nm. In addition, an enlarged view when the sample is released is shown in (3). In this way, it can be seen that it is possible to evaluate only the straight-line transmission component in the cross Nicol of the Gran Tailor prism with an extinction ratio of 10-4 .


VAP-7070 Polarizing film measuring device

Model name



φ60mm integrating sphere photomultiplier tube

Measurement range





Grantera prism (optional)

Sample size


30 (W) x 30 (H) x 0.01 to 1.6 (T) mm

Sample holder


In-plane rotation stage of sample, rotation angle range: 360 degrees, decomposition: 0.01 degrees
The distance from the integrating sphere can be changed in two perspective patterns.

VAP-SW Polarized Film Evaluation Program (optional)

Model name

Calculated wavelength range





Sample stage rotation, cross Nicole automatic search, cross Nicole / parallel continuous automatic measurement, automatic measurement at any angle

Calculation items


Single transmittance, parallel transmittance, orthogonal transmittance, polarization degree, dichroism, orientation spectrum, luminosity factor correction single transmittance, luminosity factor correction parallel transmittance, luminosity factor correction orthogonal transmittance, luminosity factor correction polarization degree, color Calculation (color system: Yxy, L * a * b *, Lab)

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