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Semi-Prep SFC- SP-4000


SP-4000 Semi-prep hybrid SFC system crosses the divide between analytical SFC and prep SFC offering the best of both worlds. With flow rates from approx. 1 mL/min up to 20mL/min this system can be used with 4.6mm columns for high quality analytical separations and with 10mm columns for excellent sample purification.

Use the SP-4000 hybrid with our new MD-2018 PDA detector with high performance SFC flow cell to get unparalleled sensitivity. Or choose a prep cell for scaling with high column loading.


SP-4000 Semi-Prep Hybrid Features

Various Flow Rates

Using columns up to 10 mm ID, the SP-4000 Semi-Prep System can be used for separation and purification up to several 100 mg per day of sample material.

Typical Purification range

The SP-4000 SFC system provides analytical and semi-prep flow rates from 1mL/min to 20mL/min.

Optional Modifier Pumps

SP-4000 has optional twin modifier pumps for fine tuning modifier composition.

Column Switching

SP-4000 allows column switching for automatic selection and method development.

Solvent Switching

The SP-4000 can switch to different modifier solvents for method development.

High-Capacity Column Oven

SP-4000 can accommodate high capacity column oven for up to 6 x 10mm columns, with an option for use of 2 ovens for even greater flexibility.

High Recovery Rate

The SP-4000 uses the new patented MCS MicroCyclone fraction collection system for sample collection.

Powerful Software Options

SP-4000 is compatible with powerful analytical and preparative software options including ChromNav and SF-Nav for fast, accurate SFC analysis.

Wide Range of Detectors

The SP-4000 is equipped with a wide range of detectors including UV-Vis, PDA and CD.

High-Throughput Fraction Collection System

SP-4000 yields fraction collection of up to 8 fractions and can be used with an optional open bed fraction collector.

Enhanced Back Pressure Regulator

SP-4000 SFC System uses a patented dynamic back pressure regulation.

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