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Fuel Analysis by SFC-FID

The JASCO SFC FID has been developed for a range of applications including measurement of hydrocarbons in fuels.


The fully automated SFC-FID system provides fast and accurate analysis using JASCO’s unique high performance SFC columns SFCpak SIL PA and SFCpak-SIL PAAGS. 

The SFC-FID system comprises analytical CO2 pump with auto-injector, column oven, and back pressure regulator, with FID (and splitter oven). Optional UV or PDA detection is available for simultaneous measurement of samples using UV absorption and FID.

Two ASTM methods are currently in use for fuel analysis by SFC:

ASTM D6550-00: 10 Standard Test Method for Determination of Olefin Content of Gasolines by Supercritical-Fluid Chromatography

Click here to get the ASTM 6550 document


SFC chromatogram of standard mixture
Peaks: 1=hexadecane, 2=toluene, 3=octadecene.Conditions: separation column=SFCpak SIL-PA (4.6 mmID x 250 mmL, 5 µm) and SFCpak SIL PA-AGS (4.6 mmID x 50 mmL, 5 µm), flow rate CO2 =2 mL/min, injection volume=1 mL  



SFC chromatogram of commercially available gasoline

ASTM D5186-03: Standard Test Method for Determination of the Aromatic Content and Polynuclear Aromatic Content of Diesel Fuels and Aviation Turbine Fuels By Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Click here to get the ASTM D5186 document


SFC chromatogram of standard mixture  
Peaks: 1 = n-hexadecane (0.600 mg), 2 = toluene (0.0245 mg),  3 = tetralin (0.163 mg), 4 = naphthalene (0.0163 mg))  Conditions: column = SFCpak SIL PA (4.6 mm ID x 250 mm L, 5µm),  flow rate = 2.0 mL/min, column temperature = 35°C, temperature of FID = 350°C, back pressure = 20 MPa,  injection volume = 1 µL, GC oven temperature = 200°C


SFC chromatogram of diesel fuel 
Conditions: injection volume = 1 µL.  The other conditions are the same as in Figure 2. Nonaromatic and aromatic content is 79.77 and 20.23% (standard deviation = 0.12%)


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